Rules and conditions
1.Time and place
Art Residences program
open for artists full year, any time by choice of artist  from 2 weeks  to 2 months period, at Sculpture park LEGEND and Gallery ART PENZA at hotel complex “Chistie Prudi”, Penza, Russia, Mokshan district, Ramzay village, Ozdorovitelnaya str, 2 , tel: +78412390717,,
ART- Residences program opened for visual  artists (painters, sculptors, graphics) from whole world.
Duration and date of staying  at ART-Residences program  for every artists 2 weeks -2 months as agreed between artist and organisers. 
2. ART-Residences program offers for artists:
Meals and accommodation in a hotel complex Chistie Prudi;
Equipped art studio for work;
Art materials and tools as agreed between the artist and organizers;
Exhibition space for an exhibition at Gallery ART PENZA;
Information about ART-Residences program on a web a site and in mass - media;
The certificate of participation in the ART- Residences   program;
3. The artists participants of the ART-Residences program are obliged:
Realise  some paintings for exhibition at Museum-GALLERY ISS (for painters and graphics artists);
Realise 2-4 small marble,  granite, wood, bronze (plastilime model)  or metal sculptures for collection of Sculpture park LEGEND  and Gallery ART PENZA (for sculptors);
4. Application procedure:
Artists, who like to take part at ART-Residence program, should send to organisers:
1. Letter with short description of his/her ART-Residences program. Please notice duration and period of staing and describe your intentions;
2. Skethes of artworks which you like to realise during your ART-Residences prorgam;
3. 7-10 photos of previous art works;
4. CV;
5. contacts:
Yury Tkachenko – sculptor, the coordinator of the International Sculpture Symposium Symposiums Penza 1-5, art-director of the sculpture park LEGEND,, , E-mail:,  home telephone +7 8412407905
Valentina Dusavitskaya –  sculptor, the coordinator of International Sculpture Symposiums Penza 1-5,  art-director of the Museum-Gallery ISS,,, cell +79053653873, home telephone +7 8412407905, address: 440071, prospect Stroiteley, 138-104, Penza, Russia
International sculpture symposium.
Autumn. Inspiration. Penza.